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Pink and Navy Leaf Wallpaper / Peel and Stick Wallpaper Removable Wallpaper Home Decor Wall Art Wall Decor Room Decor - C873

Pink and Navy Leaf Wallpaper / Peel and Stick Wallpaper Removable Wallpaper Home Decor Wall Art Wall Decor Room Decor - C873

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Printing Technology

Previous technologies used Solvent and Eco-Solvent, which contained high VOC chemicals that degraded wallpaper panels over short periods. As printing technology improved, HP Latex eliminated harsh chemicals and reduced material shrinkage. However, a big challenge remained: color consistency.

Today, our wallpaper production uses Canon Océ Colorado, which is water-based and does not contain chemicals. Most importantly, this printing technology delivers higher color quality, color consistency over time, and scratch resistance.

Technical details

Design type: Pattern
Seams: 72"
This design
repeats every:
3 rolls
Match type: Straight
Seams: Butt Joint - Overlap upon request in the Personalization Box or message us after ordering

Determine the roll height

Wall height Roll size
Less than 72’’ 24” W x 76” H
72’’ - 96’’ 24” W x 100” H
97’’ - 108’’ 24” W x 112” H
109’’ - 120’’ 24” W x 124” H
More than 120’’

Contact us for a custom order

Determine how many rolls you need

Wall width Quantity Wall width Quantity
Up to 24" 1 roll 121" - 144" 6 rolls
25" - 48" 2 rolls 145" - 168" 7 rolls
49" - 72" 3 rolls 169" - 192" 8 rolls
73" - 96" 4 rolls 193" - 216" 9 rolls
97" - 120" 5 rolls 217" - 240" 10 rolls

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Smooth – Peel and Stick

A very versatil and resistant wallpaper made of pvc, also known as vinyl.

Fabric – Peel and Stick

A lightly woven textured and polished material made of 100% polyester fabrics.

Canvas – Peel and Stick

Has an elegant canvas look that enhaces the dimensions of any wall and space.

The order does not include paste. We recommend a high-quality paste.

Traditional Wallpaper

Smooth – Traditional

The versatility and durability in PVC-free commercial wallpaper.

Canvas – Traditional

Our more textured of all our wallpaper made for long term applications.

The order does not include paste. We recommend a high-quality paste.
  • Made in the USA - from raw materials to packing

  • Durability - over 10 years of durabilityg

  • Highest Scratch resistance

  • We run 100% on Green Energy

  • No VOC ink - safe for your health

  • We offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping and packing on every delivery

  • High-Quality print - sharp images and blurry prints are a no-no

  • Thicker wallpaper - which makes it easier to install

  • Color consistency between your order and reprints

  • Free Shipping on Orders and Samples to the US

  • Free International Shipping to Canada/Mexico on orders over $150 USD+

  • Free International Shipping on orders over $250 USD+

Samples are available on each material. You'll receive the sample with the same scale and color as shown in the listing images.

For each design ordered, youll receive a small-scale version regardless of the quantity. This way, you' ll be able to see the whole pattern/mural.

Notes: We have a sample limit policy of 4 samples per design. Orders with more than four samples will be canceled and refunded.

If you have questions on how to order a sample, please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or message us.


1. Installing instructions

2. Material swatch

Our Design Team ready to help you adapt the wallpaper to your specific spatial, color and pattern scale needs.


We customize orders and scale patterns to suit any wall or project. Let us work out the details of your order.


You can choose and change colors to customize the design and pattern of your choice.


Send us the width and the height of the area to wallpaper. We will happily assist you with your order details.