Wallpaper Calculator

Estimate the amount of wallpaper you'll need for your next project with our easy-to-use calculator. Choose from our various wallpaper types, including Peel and Stick Smooth, Peel and Stick Canvas, Peel and Stick Fabric, Traditional Smooth, and Traditional Canvas, and explore a vast selection of designs.


How much wallpaper do I need?


Use our calculator to estimate the amount of wallpaper required for your project. Input the dimensions of your walls, and we'll provide a recommendation on the amount of wallpaper you should order.


Tips for Measuring:

  1. Round up to the nearest whole inch (in)
  2. Use the tallest wall for your height measurement
  3. Measure the entirety of your wall, including doors and windows
  4. Do not include baseboards or molding



  • Small Sample (8.5"w x 11”h): Ideal for getting a quick sense of design and material.
  • Large Sample (24”w x 24”h): Offers a better representation of the design and texture, especially for larger patterns.